Temperatures have been up and down this winter of 2022, early season chilly, middle winter warm to mild, and now chilly again, water temps in the backwaters between upper 50’sF and 70’F, as the winter has turned colder again, water clarity has improved with nice clear water, winter pattern has some fish down into certain deeper holes, and Redfish, Seatrout up on the flats on nice blue bird sunny days as the shallow water gets that sunshine. In the backcountry Bluefish schools are hanging on drop offs and points with a good tidal current flow, these are really fun with a hard fight on light tackle, they will take most any bait also small lures. Black Drum and Sheepshead are always winter catches here on the Mosquito Lagoon part of the Indian River, shrimp or crab is their main food, bottom for Drum, structure for Sheeps. Young Thurston from Orlando had great fun catching a good Black Drum out of the wind up against the Mangroves in a backwaters hole ……………..

[img] https://lh3.googleusercontent.com/D...pdk69M3CaZAeREua=w656-h587-no?authuser=0[/img]

Another one of those windy winter days had Alfredo and crew from Canada out with me in the hiding spots out of the wind and catching a couple good Black Drum ………….


Long time regular Bryan from Georgia out on a pretty warm winter day, caught lots of variety of different fish along with Black Drum …………….


Jen from Ohio with a good Drum, thought my “cold” Florida day was not as cold as up north which was 9’F when they left home …………….


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