NEW ! Bladed Vibrating Jigs: Head and blade only... With or without weed guard : From

$ 2.99 each

There has been a lot of interest in being able to purchase a Vibrating Jig but Head and Blade only and then the fisherman supplies and installs their own choice of their favorite plastic, skirt or other attachment to complete the bait.

Make your own..... choose weed guard option, choose weight, choose head color, choose blade color and you have now designed your own bait! Other body and blade colors available upon request. Attach your favorite plastic body, skirt or trailer and you are ready to go. I am also offering you the selection of 1. Weight, 2. Head Color, and 3. blade color (pattern).

Just go to and “click” on Catalog .. then go to the picture (second from the top on the left) and “click” .. then “click” on either the with weed guard or without weed guard” …. And the just choose the desired weight, head color and blade color (pattern). Done.. You have just “built” the Bladed, Vibrating Jig .. Head and Blade only of your choice.

While you are there check out my Specials, Discounts and Deals

The specials collection is a discounted offering of my "picture Jigs". What you see in the picture (number, color pattern, with or without weed guard, rattles and so on) is what you would receive for the listed price. Before I can put an item in my store I must make one, photograph it and then list it and this creates a back log of these "special items" and there is only one of each "SPECIAL". Take advantage of this special and group pricing! Additional selections to be added this week. These go fast so take a look now!

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