If your trolling motor's OVERHANG is something you'd like to solve, think about ShuttleSlide's RETRACTABLE trolling motor mount with quick release. It's not just a regular trolling motor mount, it slides your motor inboard, past the rub rail & helps protect it from outside interference (bow rollers when loading/unloading, docks, other vessels, guide poles, obstacles in the water). Some people don't think about the overhang issues until something happens and damages their expensive trolling motor or worse, the force of the collision with the motor causes damage to the boat.

Veteran owned and parts proudly made in the USA with a lifetime warranty - built to last! All hardware and brackets are stainless steel and metal plates made out of 6061-T6 aluminum.

Standard lengths are 7" and 9", but custom lengths are available. Order by 4pm ET and your mount normally ships next business day!

We also sell adapter plates that are designed to reuse the existing hole pattern you already have on your deck, so no new holes in your boat.

Prices start at $149.99. Several models to choose to from. Let us know what type of trolling motor you have and we can recommend a mount. A qualified technician can speak to you about your boat's configuration and mounting challenges. Open Monday - Saturday 8am-6pm ET www.shuttleslide.com/shop

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