Under Spins: Clear Water Patterns
Most often clear water conditions calls for natural looking baits mimicking local forage and this gathering is designed to do just that. The base color of the skirt is a clear/silver mimicking shad and some have skirt accent colors to draw the fish's attention. Great for fan casting areas generally searching or use it on schooling fish.... great bait to have on deck!

* Available in weights: 3/8 and ¬Ĺ oz.
* Mustad Ultra-point, black nickel, 5/0, 2X heavy wire, round bend hooks.
* #3.5 nickel plated, mirror finish nickel willow leaf blade.
*Crane roller swivel.
* Heads are powder painted and baked... very durable.
* Full 50 strand count, silicone skirts.
* With trailer keeper.
*Copper wire tied to eliminate pull down and rotation.
*Quality components, hand crafted made when you order them.
*Weed guard.

The polished nickel willow blade pulsates imitating a distressed bait fish and provides maximum flash. The under-belly premium blade is attached via a premium Crane roller swivel, for maximum flash with zero line twist. A unique addition of a weed guard makes this bait suitable for all cover types.

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