On-demand fishing reports published every Thursday at 4:00: The website continues to provide weekly fishing reports from guides that are on the water everyday for just $9.99. The reports are published weekly on Thursdays at 4:00 P.M. because we believe that helps anglers get the most from their weekend. Each report include the following information:

• Up to 5 map locations on each lake,
• Technique and tip video instruction for each pin,
• A detailed lure list, including color and set up.

New Features: www.lakeproguides.com now provides FREE weekly scouting reports, also published every Thursday at 4:00 with a fishing forecast for the coming weekend. A playlist of our FREE current scouting reports can be found at the bottom of the homepage, or in “Meet the Guides” for any specific lake.

Customers now also have the option to purchase just a lake specific lure list for $1.99. When anglers purchase a lure list, they’ll receive an email with a detailed list of the exact lures that our guides are using to catch fish. Then, they can purchase those lures at any tackle shop. Another way to get our guide-selected lures is to just purchase one of the lake specific tackle kits, which will get shipped directly to the customer.