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Two new color patterns for Underspins from www.jigs4bass.com

* Available in weights: 3/8 and ¬Ĺ oz.
* Mustad Ultra-point, black nickel, 5/0, 2X heavy wire, round bend hooks.
* #3.5 nickel plated, mirror finish nickel willow leaf blade.
*Crane roller swivel.
* Heads are powder painted and baked... very durable.
* Full 50 strand count, silicone skirts.(on skirted model).
* With trailer keeper.
*Copper wire tied to eliminate pull down and rotation.
*Quality components, hand crafted made when you order them.
*Weed guard.

The polished nickel willow blade pulsates imitating a distressed bait fish and provides maximum flash. The under-belly premium blade is attached via a premium Crane roller swivel, for maximum flash with zero line twist. A unique addition of a weed guard makes this bait suitable for all cover types.
$4.49 each from: www.jigs4bass.com