www.amistadbass.com: Lately Ive been catching largemouth and stripers mixed together from topwater to 60ft. The schools are on the surface one day then suspended deep the next. Once the school is located its easy to catch 50 to 100 stripers/whites with an occasional keeper largemouth. My better largemouth have been in and around the hydrilla from surface to 20ft. The dropping water has matted the grass in several areas and killing it in others. Wind over the past two weeks has made a few clear grassy areas stained to dirty and the bite has changed with it... Most topwater baits will get a fish or three and flipping/pitching the thick matted clumps will produced a quality fish however the bites will be few and far between.. A 49 boat tournament last Saturday it took 15.96 to win and a 8.02 was big fish... Please call/text if I can help (830) 768-3648. www.amistadbass.com.. Thanks, Stan