Hey guys,
Just wanted to give all of you a heads up, as I have come across this situation a couple different times the past few weeks. I completely understand to a point trying to save a few bucks on fishing equipment and your mapping cards included, but if your Navionics card is not purchased from an authorized dealer or if the gold magnetic strip has been broken when you purchase the card it will not be warrantied by Navionics if there is a problem. The main reason I bring this up is due to a couple guys the past few weeks have come to me with an issue with a card they bought from a guy used online(different sellers) and were told the cards were a certain age or certain card only to find out they were completely mislead and now stuck with a card they cannot use or that does not have the detail they are looking for. One guy purchased a Platinum South card from someone online and when the card came in, the outer hold showed it was a south card, but the micro SD was actually from an East card, now the seller will not answer calls or emails, but that is not something that Navionics can cover under warranty.

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