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Cortland® Master Braid™ is the most consistently performing braided super line for all freshwater and saltwater applications. Designed to exceed expectations and perform under the most demanding conditions, Master Braid is the first choice for numerous professional guides and anglers.

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Available in eleven sizes, six colors and six spool lengths - there is a Master Braid for virtually every application. For 2019, there is a new 8 lb. size, an improved Moss Green color, and bold new packaging across the range.

Cortland implements Opti-Con™ technology to join the optimum number of bundles of individual gel-spun fibers into a tighter braid structure. Opti-Con also provides the optimum combination of strength, handling and value.

FiberTech™ treatment provides the perfect amount of body and injects line character into the super-strong, high molecular-weight, polyethylene fibers. This ultimately creates a more castable, easier to handle braided line. FiberTech™ also creates unsurpassed wear resistance. The attached photo shows Master Braid, compared to a leading competitive braid, after 12,000 simulated casts. Virtually no wear shown on the Master Braid!

Cortland Master Braid doesn't require a break-in period and performs consistently right out of the box, as well as thousands of casts later. Master Braid rolls off the reel smoothly without twisting and the tight weave absorbs the shock of snags and strikes while providing superior sensitivity and hook-setting power.

While the color of other braids fade over time, Master Braid employs ColorLast™ technology to create a braid that does not bleed and resists fading longer since the color molecularly adheres to the fibers and penetrates the structure of the braid.

OptiCon™- Optimum Construction for the Optimum Combination of Strength, Handling, Toughness and Value
HMWPE Fibers are 3x stronger than steel by weight and have near-zero stretch
Fiber Tech™ Technology penetrates and protects the Spectra fibers while providing a smooth texture, and creating the perfect amount of body
ColorLast™ - Long-lasting color treatment doesn't fade or bleed
NEW 8lb. size
IMPROVED Moss Green Color
NEW bold packaging
Lengths: Available in 150, 300, 600, 1,200, 2,500 & 5,000 yd spools
Lb. Test: 6 lb., 8 lb., 10 lb., 12 lb., 16 lb., 20 lb., 25 lb., 30 lb., 40 lb., 50 lb., 60 lb., 80 lb., 100 lb. & 200 lb.
MSRP $17.95 - $59.95 (for the 150 & 300 yd range)
Color: bronze, blue, yellow, moss green, black, and white

For more information, please visit: cortlandline.com