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Jacob Wheeler Target Toad and Bobby Garland Slab Hunt'R Minnow Kicking Up Excitement at ICAST 2018

Gene Larew Lures, makers of Bobby Garland crappie baits and Gene Larew bass lures, announces two new product series at the 2018 ICAST fishing tackle trade show being held this week.

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New to Bobby Garland is the 2.25" Slab Hunt'R Minnow soft-plastic crappie bait.

The Slab Hunt'R has a bulkier profile than typical minnow-style baits and features a unique tail that is the easiest swimming one ever in the Garland lineup.

The tail's ease of movement makes it a particularly enticing choice for spider rigging and long-line trolling. It has "ribs" on its body for added vibration, plus holds scent. The deep body is also ideal for insertion of an optional crappie rattle. The Slab Hunt'R is available in solids, laminates and head/tail color choices. MSRP is $3.79 per 10-count bag.

Bassmaster Elite pro Jacob Wheeler thinks differently than most anglers when it comes to topwater season ... his is year round. His rather unorthodox approach as to "what, when and where" he uses topwater soft plastic combinations to target different situations has led to his development of the Wheeler Target Toad.

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The 4.25 inch bait has a head that is thick and wide so not to split when rigging on buzzbaits and such. Actually, the entire bait is beefier than the norm, giving the lure a bigger profile and more weight for making extra-long casts.

The Target Toad's long legs are Larew's proven design for easy swimming and lots of kicking action regardless of retrieve speed. It has a hook groove on the underside and horizontal ribs across its mid-back section for Tex-posing specialty hooks. Colors include solids and laminates. MSRP $5.99 per 5 pack.

Along with the product introductions comes the news that the Tulsa-based lure manufacturer is expanding its production capabilities, too. Additional custom-built injection machines are expected to be in operation by the end of summer.

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