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Cotton Cordell New Minnow Dives and Wiggles
New lip design adds to baits action

For more than six decades anglers have trusted Cotton Cordell® lures to catch their favorite fish. Keeping with this tradition, the new Cotton Cordell Minnow promises continued angler success for bass, walleye, snook, speckled trout and other game fish. Available in two models, the Minnow's lip design is the secret. The casting and trolling bait dives when jerked and swims erratically on the steady retrieve or jerk and pause technique to create the impulse bite that fresh and saltwater gamefish are known for.

The added contours in the lip and the Minnow's body shape cause the lure to lean side to side creating a slight rolling motion that enhances the X-pattern presented during the retrieve. This life-like swimming action attracts the fish and motivates the strike. Inside the bait is a rattle chamber with hollow metal beads to create more

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While one size is offered, the floating Minnow is made with two different lip shapes. The smaller lip, 5/16-ounce CO7S model runs at six to eight feet for the shallow version. The larger lip, 7/16-ounce CO7D Minnow dives to 12 to 14 feet and is aided with an internal tungsten ball to reach the deeper depth. The bait's lip and belly are printed for quick identification by the angler, eliminating any guesswork on which bait is tied on.

Black nickel #6 hooks are sharp out of the package and stand up to the rigors of both fresh and saltwater presentations. The slick-sided Minnow is available in 12 colors with an MSRP of $5.49.

Learn more about the Cotton Cordell Minnow at www.CottonCordellLures.com and www.lurenet.com.

Length: 4-inches B: CO7S: 5/16 ounce, CO7D: 7/16 ounce Hooks: #6 black nickel treble Colors: Gold/Black Back, Chome/Black Back, Chrome Blue Back, Perch, Fluorescent Red/Black, Chartreuse Perch, White/Red Head, Firetiger, Gold Perch, Killer Clown, Yellow Perch, Clear MSRP: $5.49