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Fishing Elements Rendered Irrelevant

Fish Monkey’s new Face Guards expands line of protective, performance angling apparel

In terms of quality time on the water, putting your best face forward means keeping said mug protected from the brutal aquatic elements: sun, wind, rain, salt, spray . . . fish slime.

Concepted, crafted and tailored to the exacting standards of anglers who live on the water, Fish Monkey’s new Face Guard keeps your neck, nose, ears and mug in the game—cool, comfortable and fully protected.

Featuring the latest in Sun Protection Technology, Fish Monkey feather-weight Face Guards feature a super breathable fabric and an integrated laser-cut, sunglass fog-resistant mouth pattern.

“One of the biggest issues with most face and neck protection is frosted fishing glasses,” notes Fish Monkey founder Tim Mossberg. “We designed the Face Guard to literally breathe, providing a large, vented mouth zone. This feature allows for the total passage of exhaled air, eliminating moisture and the fog that might otherwise obscure your eyewear. This Face Guard keeps your polarized glasses clear and permanently in the game.”

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The lightest weight, most comfortable and functional face guard on the market, Fish Monkey Face Guards utilize an advanced polyester-spandex material, yielding all-day comfort and a perfect fit. The special 4-Way Stretch construction keeps the Guard firmly in place without slipping, while gently hugging the contours of each anglers’ individual anatomy.

“Anglers can safely leave the sunscreen at home,” adds Mossberg, “The Fish Monkey Face Guard’s total UPF 50+ sun protection completely safeguards their skin from the full spectrum of the sun’s potentially damaging rays. The fabric is breathable and quick-drying, too, and when wet, the material actually offers a cooling effect on the skin.”

Available in February 2019, Fish Monkey Face Guards (MSRP $22.95) will be unveiled at ICAST 2018. Fourteen radical colors, including new Voodoo Swamp patterns, grace each Face Guard, individualized to put your best face forward. Come see Fish Monkey at ICAST booth #3636 or visit www.fishmonkeygloves.com for more information.

Face Guard available January 2019

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