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Z-Man’s new Bait BinderZ Doublewide systematizes up to 20 packs of ElaZtech baits, plus pockets for terminal tackle.

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Z-Man Bait BinderZ Doublewide Secures and Sequesters ElaZtech and Other Softbaits

Anyone who’s fished the progressive softbait material figures it out pretty much after the very first bite: Z-Man’s ElaZtech® softbaits are different. Are they better? Do they catch more fish? Plenty of anglers would argue an affirmative “yes.” But facts are facts:

ElaZtech baits are significantly softer than traditional PVC baits.

The material is at least ten times tougher—a single Z-Man® softbait can hold up to several dozen fish catches, or more.

ElaZtech is significantly more buoyant than PVC baits, translating to more action and more realism in the water.

The material is non-toxic, both to the fish and within the aquatic environment.

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The futuristic elements in Z-Man’s ElaZtech also necessitate specialized storage—nothing complicated, mind you. In fact, simply store Z-Man baits in their original packages—as many anglers do already—and they’ll last as long as the fish allow.

But for anglers who’ve discovered the true power of ElaZtech softbaits, carrying extra bags of the good stuff is essential. It’s now easier than ever when you grab a Bait BinderZ™ Doublewide, Z-Man’s newest softbait storage solution. With twice the bait-storage capacity of the original Bait BinderZ, the Bait BinderZ Doublewide (MSRP $34.99) offers ample real estate to house two side-by-side stacks of Z-Man ElaZtech bait bags—up to 20 packs or more.

Within the tough 500 denier nylon satchel, two sets of corrosion resistant nickel-plated rings align to accept pre-punched holes on all standard size Z-Man bait bags. Re-sealable bait bags allow anglers to access individual baits without removing packaging. The Bait BinderZ Doublewide is further outfitted with clear plastic pockets sized to store an array of jigheads, terminal tackle, leader spools and other essential tools.

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Secure plastic clips and hook-and-loop enclosures eliminate zipper failure or breakdown via corrosion. Each Bait BinderZ Doublewide bag sports a built-in handle with a slip-free grip.

“Because ElaZtech is a completely different material, chemically, it can react with the plasticizers in a PVC bait,” notes Z-Man president Daniel Nussbaum. “To soften the PVC—the same material used to make pipes for plumbing—traditional soft plastics manufacturers have to add a healthy dose of plasticizers to make it practical for fishing. It’s those plasticizers that react with ElaZtech.

“Are Z-Man softbaits different? Absolutely. Different is good. Different catches fish. And different is the start of something big.”

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