We had 16 teams and 5 new members fish our Cross lake event, here are the results:

1. Mike Reagan...17.68 pounds ($400)
2. Mike Craig/Jerry Lutterman...16.41 lbs. ($240)
3. Boyd Wolfe/Dennis Wolfe...13.61 lbs. ($160)
4. Harrison Hopkins/Ryan Ante...13.29
5. Earl Gafford/Danny Owens...11.85
6. David Hyatt/Tom Floyd...9.99
7. Kevin Lettau/Garry Allen...9.73
8. Johnny McCall/Mike Pilgreen...8.39
9. Steve Fornea/Angela Fornea...6.73
10. Ben Bell/Mark Smith...5.38
11. Buck Wells/Michael Scotch...4.49
12. Steven Flanagan/Trey Thompson
12. Alex Phillips/Austin Adkins
12. Blake DeFatta/Justin Provenza
12. Dorian Thomas/Jon Shellhaas
12. Ron Hathorn/Jimmy Butcher

Big Bass: Gafford/Owens...9.61 pounds ($160)
7 pound Pot Rollover...$350 (will roll over to supplement Classic's BB daily pot)

Well, that's our last regular event of the year...congrats to those that figured them out. Next up, our 2 day Classic on October 7 & 8...please check the next thread for a list of members that have fished 6 (or more) events and are qualified to fish this event. Also check the other thread for the 2018 LA Poormans Schedule, which was released today at our annual meeting and BBQ.