Fort Lauderdale Fishing with Top Shot Sportfishing Charter Boat and Capt. Zsak

Steve Pakela, along with his buddies, Brian, Dave and Bryce, from Pennsylvania chartered the Top Shot Sportfishing Charter Boat team to do some deep sea big game sport fishing in Fort Lauderdale, Florida, at Bahia Mar Yachting Center, 801 Seabreeze Blvd., Fort Lauderdale, FL 33316. The anglers were interested in catching eating fish and a Shark.

Fifteen minutes after leaving the dock, lines were in 120 ft. of water at the sea buoy in Fort Lauderdale, 1.8 miles from shore. We started out trolling with two #8 plainers, one with a 3 ˝ blue reflector drone spoon and the other with a pink and blue sea witch in front of a double hooked Bonito strip. For surface baits we went with two Bonito strips and two Ballyhoos.

We trolled the reefs, zigzagging in and out, north of Fort Lauderdale from 85 ft. of water out to 200 ft. After catching a couple of Bonitos and Rainbow Runners, we headed out to 350 ft. of water south of Fort Lauderdale where a color change was forming.

We decided to put out three Shark baits – one surface, one midrange and one bottom – along with two live Goggle Eyes from the kite. After a half hour wait, the bottom rod bent over. Fish on – hooked up. The line exited the 80 International Reel at a fast rate. Steve was our angler and positioned himself into the fighting chair. After a forty-minute battle, a Hammerhead Shark broke the surface. Dave, our mate, wired the estimated 275 lb. Shark and now had a tug of war with him. The Shark was brought along the side of the boat for picture taking and was released to fight again. We reset again, and a Mahi Mahi appeared on the right short – Brian was the angler and reeled in the Mahi Mahi.

It was time to head back to the dock. The anglers retired into the a/c salon and enjoyed the relaxing trip back to the dock at Bahia Mar Yachting Center, 801 Seabreeze Blvd., Fort Lauderdale, FL 33316, while watching the plasma TV.

For a successful and adventurous deep sea fishing charter in Fort Lauderdale FL for Sailfish, Shark, Bonito, Mackerel, Swordfish, Snapper, Wahoo, Tuna, Mahi Mahi and Grouper, contact Captain Zsak. - 954-309-7457 or email us at Website:
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