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What we offer are hand-machined, billet-style, snagless push pole holders and anchor pin brackets, made from a high density, stain and UV resistant, polyethylene that won’t put undue stress on fragile fiberglass and expensive composite push poles and anchor pins. Ideal for any flats skiff or other shallow water craft, these patent pending products are designed to be tangle free, which make them especially suitable for fly anglers who strive to keep their casting areas clear of obstructions.

Snagless Push Pole Holders - Available in two colors, three base sizes and two mounting styles. Prices range from $50 to $70 a set.

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Snagless Pole Holder Offset Plates - Fixed or folding. $30 to $40.

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Snagless Anchor Pin Holders – Black only, 1” base, two mounting options. $55 a set.

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All prices include free shipping in the continental US. Visit http://www.hammertechmarine.com to learn more and purchase through our online store.

Builder inquiries and custom requests welcome.

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