SWITCH BLADE JIGS: A cross between a swim jig and a spinner bait.. More flash than a jig and less flash than a spinner bait (smaller and longer profile too). This is an excellent "search bait" that you can cover a lot of water with and also great to throw at schooling fish. The first picture is "Magic Craw" and is a brand new color pattern. The skirt is several shades of green with a metallic tint and the tail spinner is powder painted green pumpkin.
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Quality components:
*#3.5 Willow Leaf Spinner blade and roller swivel
*5/0 Mustad Extra Wide Gap, Ultra-Point,black nickel hook
*50 strand count skirt
*Weed guard and trailer keeper.
*Powder painted and baked head and 3 D eyes.
Available in 5/16, 3/8 & ˝ oz. .

$3.69 each!!

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