We had a total of 16 teams compete in this years Classic, Grand Bayou was drawn for Day 1 and Toledo Bend (NTBSP) was on Day 2. Here are the results:

1. Scott Garrelts/Jerry Lutterman...28.68 pounds ($2100)
2. Mike Reagan/Alex Morgan...26.75 lbs. ($1575)
3. Brad Watson/Brian Bradshaw...25.51 lbs. ($1400)
4. Steven Flannagan/Trey Thompson...25.21 lbs. ($1050)
5. Buck Wells/Michael Scotch...21.07 lbs. ($525)
6. Jason Picket/Chris Lee...20.53 lbs. ($350)
7. Andy Yerger/Cody Dollar...20.42 lbs. (2 Kistler Argon rods)
8. Dante Bates/Scott Murphy...19.83 lbs. (2 Kistler Carbon Steel rods)
9. David Hyatt/Tom Floyd...19.71 lbs. (2 Ardent Wire spinning reels/Gliss line)
10. Johnny McCall/Mike Pilgreen...15.53
11. Ron Hathorn/Jimmy Butcher...15.09
12. Kevin Lettau/Gary Allen...9.92
13. John Franklin/Scottie Franklin...1.96
14. Todd Meyers
14. Jeff Choate/Kenny Coleman

Big Bass Day 1: Watson/Bradshaw...8.28 pounds ($210)
Big Bass Day 2: Reagan/Morgan...5.31 pounds ($210)

The balance in the 2016 LA Poormans fund is ZERO! Congratulations to those that cashed a check! I hope everyone had fun this season, I look forward to next year! Our first event will be on Jan. 14th at Martin Creek Lake, hope to see everyone there! Anyone interested in fishing our trail can check out our website at LouisianaPoormans.com