I just spatched a chicken(cut down the back bone and flattened) highly seasoned it, and parked it in the fridge till tomorrow then I fished a pack of red fish on the half shell outa the freezer so it can thaw by tomorrow and keep the chicken company on the pit. Gonna sprinkle on cajun seasoning and baste every thing with a mop sauce I make outa butter beer lemon juice and a splash of liquid crab boil along with Cajun seasoning. What started me thinking bout yall is this question.

I am sure most of you like me freeze fish in water right??
did ya know that the water/ice becomes infused with fishy flavor and when ya thaw it out said water can be brought to a simmer and becomes a wonderful fish stock?? Thats a trick I learned from my daddy. Making a seafood courtbouillon he sued the seafood stock instead of water and he was famous for that dish.So consider that Cappy's helpfull hint. smile cheers