Hey guys,
Just a reminder about keeping up with you freshest data renewals, if you have already signed up or registered a new chip before, Navionics will send an email like below to remind you when your data is about to expire:

[Linked Image]

Hi Corey!

We hope you are enjoying the peace of mind gained knowing you have the most current charts available.

We'd like to remind you that your Freshest Data subscription on US_CAD US & Canada, registered for your Humminbird 1199CI HD SI expires in 1 month.

Renew your subscription and ensure your access to Freshest Data continues for:

Nautical Charts
Community Edits
Click renew to ensure uninterrupted delivery of Freshest Data, at a great price!

This is an important tool as Navionics currently processes around 2000 files per day with the Sonar Charts program!!