THEY'RE HERE! The NEW improved Prowler Planers are made of tough polyurethane semi-rigid foam. The weight balance screw can easily be moved to any of the 3 locations without a screw driver. The screw can be put in one of the keels to keep it from flipping (to only plane one direction or in the far side by the peg so it will flip direction when given a POP!
1.Lay the line in the slot and use both pegs to hold it in place on the line.
2.Thread on the pegs for slip-rigging to have location and depth control. Slip-rigging is better then fixed depth because you give it slack and jig it to bring up a strike. Giving it a little slack sometimes after you flip direction.
2 pack $8.50 + $4.00 S&H in US PayPal
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