Hey guys,
As many of you may have heard, towards the end of last year, Navionics partnered with Vexilar to bring sonar and mapping together for smart phones and tablets. The system user the Navionics phone or tablet app the bring you split screen mapping and sonar just like on a chartplotter but allowing the transducer to either be used in a portable application or mounted permanently to your boat. It combines a wifi box and transducer to be used wherever you may go, you can even participate in the Sonar Chart program as th units are cpapble of recording sonar logs and downloading them straight to the Navionics web site. This is a huge deal for kayak or small craft fisherman as well as can be useful in normal craft or even bank fisherman. Navionics is looking for interested parties to send these units to and provide feedback. If any of you are interested in getting a vexilar unit, please PM me the following:
Email Address
Physical Shipping address
Area you fish mostly

Thanks for supporting Navionics and helping to improve mapping and mapping options to everyone!!!
Here is some more information about Navionics partnering with Vexilar to bring sonar and mapping together for Smart Phones and Tablets with a WIFI transducer than can be permanently mounted or made portable to bring from place to place or boat to boat. Check it out: