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Here is a cool article by Justin Hoffman talking about fishing for bass in the fall. Let me know your thoughts. Do you agree? Is there something else that we should know?

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Seasonal factors are the best indicators for narrowing down locational patterns in the game fish we chase. For those that wet a line in the fall, knowing where to look and what to toss can lead you to some of the biggest bass of the year.

Go Deep
The fall months signify a change in the behavior of largemouth bass. Feeding binges become prevalent, and in order to fill these increased appetites, a shift in where bass set up shop generally occurs. Much of this is determined by the prey they seek.Offshore structure is a key aspect when days grow shorter and the thermometer drops. A magnet for baitfish and crestaceans alike, largemouth bass will crowd deep water humps, points, and channels;especially those that offer variances in vegetation or bottom structure.

Vertical baits excel for picking apart these prime pieces of real estate. The V&M Football Jig gives you the ability to effectively maintain contact with bottom, all while offering a realistic crayfish-imitating look. Work this bait slowly and methodically-imparing variances in drags, lifts, shakes- and the fish are sure to take notice.

Think Green
Weed clumps are also magnets for fish this time of year. Seek out healthy green vegetaion, adjacent to productive summer haunts and with close access to deeper water. The Creme Texas Rig Kit is tailor made for this type of fishing. Dunking and pitching these weedless worms will allow you to probe the thickest snarls-precisely where big fish hold.

The Shad Connection
A favorite prey for bass, shad are a dominant factor during the fall. As water cools, schools of these bait fish migrate up feeder streams to feed and spawn. Hungry bass follow.

Casting the Mann's Minus 1 Crankbait, with its realistic shad profile, is one of your best bets for betting bit. Work with this bait with a stop-and-go retrieve at the back end of these streams and along wind-blown shorelines and structure.

Odds and Ends
Boat docks, cribs, and bridge pilings all deserve a look in the fall. This is particularly true if facing cold front conditions. The Z-Man 6" Lizard, rigged Texas-style, is an effective and life-like plastic bait for flipping and pitching around these man-made structures areas. If fish are finicky, lighten up on the weight for a more natural and irresistable presentation.

Reap the rewards that fall fishing can bring. By targeting specific locations and tossing the most effective baits, the odds will be in your favor for fun-filled days on the water.
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