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Bonfires on the Levee

Posted By: cappy

Bonfires on the Levee - 12/06/16 05:24 PM

As Christmas season begins I like to share this story about the oldest Christmas tradition in America. If you have never seen the bon fires ya really should try to. It's truly unique and wonderful. Here is a story about them with 2 videos showing our trip to and from Mass on Christmas eve. After reading the story sit back and put the videos full screen and ride along with us. The videos are kinda long cause we drove slowly along the levee.


Posted By: mitzbob

Re: Bonfires on the Levee - 12/22/16 10:47 AM

Great story.
Posted By: cappy

Re: Bonfires on the Levee - 12/24/16 02:53 PM

Glad you enjoyed it
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