OBAMA: Discuss his policies and express your opinions, but when doing so, please show some basic respect for the position.

One STRONG point … do not ever post anything on this web site that resembles a threat, joking or not, to President Obama. You will be taking a long break from the LFF if you post anything of that nature.

Hump Day Pic rules:

This may seem a little silly to some, but the problem with this post, as with many OT posts, is that it becomes a game of one-up-man-ship. The OT too often takes on the tone of a school yard and teachers environment where the kids are constantly playing, “who can push the limits the furthest without getting in trouble?”

We’re not teetotalers, but because someone always takes it too far, here are the guidelines.

Keep them in swimsuits. No lingerie. No private areas exposed. Do not search the Internet for a bathing suit that looks like lingerie. If you post something that looks more like lingerie than a swim suit, you are running the risk of a ban. We will not have multiple email debates over whether a photo was lingerie or a swim suit (this has already happened many times with members). If it looks like lingerie, find another photo. There are millions to choose from.

No camel toes.

No see through t-shirts.

Do not quote photos you know are over the line. If you do, you will join the original poster on the WOS.

Do not post photos with web addresses that link to inappropriate sites, especially pornographic web sites.

When Hump Day is over, let the post go. Don't bump it on Thursday to keep it going.

If a hump day thread is locked or removed, DO NOT start another one. This is the same for any thread topic.