Hello Fellow Anglers!! Finally, www.NekidTackle.com is live!

RonRig Key Chains from about 2" to the 16" Pro Striper Special - Texoma Edition can be purchased, as well as jig heads and in the future my Catfish Line.

Myself and My Family build each RonRig, jighead, and other tackle here in Lewisville, TX...with as many parts sourced from American Vendors. Nekid Tackle builds all tackle with the best parts in industry at a discount price, handcrafted and built to last!

We are offering a 10% off Promo Code. The Promo code is good until 01 May 2015 at 11:59am.
The promo code is LFF10%OFF
The website is NekidTackle - www.nekidtackle.com

Originally Posted By: NekidTackle
This is the hottest RonRig. It is deadly in slips, and deep heavy cover. 5.5" Standard or Tournament Pro Ronrig with Colorado Blades.

This is the second hottest RonRig, the other end of the spectrum, deep is where it is at, with the 8" Double Willow Tournament Pro RonRig.
Both are made with no lead, .041 hardened Stainless steel, and 120 lb Stainless steel Crane Swivels. The Standard version is the same high quality, but has 40lb Crane Swivels.

Originally Posted By: NekidTackle
[quote=Fishn4Deer(PatrickSharp)]Ronrigs have been catching me sandies, hybrids, and even LMB! I perfer the 8" with double willow. Your missing out if your not throwing a ronrig.
Awesome rig, thanks Ron.