The Peel N Toss Cajun Crawfish Table is made of thick, rigid, 3/16' ABS plastic right here in Youngsville, LA. Each table will easily accommodate 4 people if seated, 6-8 people if standing with drink, condiment and paper towel holders included!

The Peel N Toss is made to last, is totally weather-proof, can be reused over and over for years to come, easily stack into each other and can be hosed off for easy cleaning . The included bungee system allows you to attach your Peel N Toss to any trash can or barrel. If you do not have a barrel, we've also included DIY instructions so you can built your own PVC legs for it.

$119.99 includes free shipping via FedEx Ground!
Call 337-451-6232 and ask for Ashley. Thanks!